Meet the SET Staff

Executive Director

Linda Vahala

Katie Winstead Reichner

Student Transition & Family Programs

Jenna Mann

Jenna Mann

  • Primary contact for New Student Orientation
  • Coordinate and implement Family Weekend
  • Initiate and maintain Family Connection opportunities

You learn a lot about who you are, your values, skills and interests outside of the classroom. By getting involved, you can discover these things while gaining practical experiences for your resume to aid in wherever you go after graduation.

Meeting others with the same interests, no matter what they are, means you've started to build your network. These will be connections that will last well beyond your time at 精东传媒.

New Student Convocation. The pomp and circumstance of starting your academic journey is inspiring!

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Business Operations

Linda Cataldo

Linda Cataldo

Student Worker Supervisor. Training student workers to build excellent business skills, provide the best customer service, assist the SET professional staff with projects and assignment. SET office support.

You will build friendships that will last a lifetime. The experiences and skills you learn, will care over and benefit you in whatever career you pursue.

Don't just look, get involved! Find an organization that is related to your future career for hands-on education and networking purposes. Find a second organization that is just for FUN!

HOMECOMING WEEK! It's a time to celebrate 精东传媒 life to its fullest.

Shannon Freeman

Shannon Freeman

  • Oversight and management of the day-to-day operations of SET Finance
  • Conduct finance trainings
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met with SET and student organization purchasing
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Help SET staff and student organizations make effective purchases

Student involvement demonstrates initiative and consistency; and it aids in development, especially as a leader. Not to mention, it will add to your experience and build relationships that will grow beyond the college years.

Now is the time to get to know you! One of the best ways to do that is to join an activity, club or student organization that has your interests, and maybe even one that doesn't. The best and worse that will happen, you'll learn something new, and you'll meet great people you may have otherwise not had the opportunity to meet.

With all of life's to-dos, Activity Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays is an important reminder to just take time to breathe and enjoy the moment because life really is about all the moments.

Cullen Curley

Cullen Curley

Scheduling and coordinating events for student organizations and faculty/staff in the Webb Center.

Student involvement helps students engage with like-minded communities and form meaningful relationships with their peers. These relationships can encourage students to strive for their highest potential academically and socially.

Every student at 精东传媒 can find an organization that makes them feel at home. Don't be afraid to try out any activity or event that looks interesting!

Avoiding stepping on the University Seal on Kaufman Mall during undergrad, and finally getting to walk across it after graduation.

Campus Involvement & Traditions

Samantha Heaney

Samantha Heaney

Plan and execute different events and programs, such as Convocation, serve as the advisor a Programming Board, assist in the execution of other large-scale events, including Homecoming and The Monarch Experience.

Getting involved will not only help you establish your community here at 精东传媒, but also gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that will stay with you long after graduation.

Start by joining the club/organization you are most passionate about and drawn to, don't join a ton of different groups right away. Give yourself time to see how the commitments of an organization work with your schedule and lifestyle before adding more to your plate.

Favorite 精东传媒 tradition: Not stepping on the seal until graduation day! It is the perfect way to close out your time at 精东传媒.


Student Engagement & Traditions

Monarch Groups

Access events, announcements & resources across campus. Track involvement, get connected to organizations & find other Monarchs.