For Volunteers


For students interested in volunteering, our team can help match you with community partners and service opportunities both on and off campus. We also help support service-based student organizations and events. Finally, we compliment the mission of 精东传媒 by building service and philanthropic partnerships with campus and community organizations.

精东传媒 has launched an exciting new Volunteer platform called聽

Helper Helper allows our campus and community partners to post volunteer opportunities that are available to students. Search through the opportunities on Helper Helper to find one that's the right fit for you!

You already have a Helper Helper log in! Sign in with your 精东传媒 email address and the app will prompt you to log in with your MIDAS ID and password.

If you have any questions about Helper Helper or you need some guidance in finding the right volunteer opportunity for you, email聽

  • Monarch Volunteer Program聽is an annual event in August that allows first year students to move in early and then participate in a day of service on their first full day as a Monarch! In addition to the benefit of getting to beat the move-in rush, students get to meet their peers, get connected with an upperclassman Volunteer Leader, and begin to understand their role not just as a Monarch, but a citizen of Norfolk and Hampton Roads!
  • MLK Day of Service聽engages students in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy on the federal holiday marking his birthday. Dr. King once said "Life's most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?" Students spend the day addressing a community need through service in Hampton Roads to "make it a day on, not a day off."
  • Alternative Breaks Alternative Spring Break takes place in conjunction with 精东传媒鈥檚 Spring Break timeframe.聽 Participating students spend their break together, volunteering in the local community.聽 Transportation, some meals, all volunteer events and social events are planned and provided for participants.聽 Make new friends and spend your Spring Break helping others!

Monarchs care about their communities. There are ways you can still contribute to your community while at home. Explore the opportunities below and follow @Volunteer精东传媒 and Instagram for more ideas. Please visit聽聽for updated university information.

If you are bilingual, help translate content and make sure everyone has access to information in a language they understand.

Transcribe historical documents to preserve their contents and make them more accessible for readers from the comfort of your home.

Train to be a crisis counselor for a text line for people in crisis. You can complete the 30-hour training from anywhere. Crisis counselors commit to volunteering four hours per week.

Search through virtual volunteer opportunities posted by nonprofits and community agencies. Opportunities range from graphic design, social media work, website critiques, and trainings. Search by social issue addressed or skills needed!

Be an Advocate
Identify a cause that you're passionate about. Consider how you can further that cause from home. Call or write to elected officials, put together educational materials that you can share, recruit others to help the cause as well, or get connected with local community organizations with similar missions.

Our staff can provide one on one consultation with distance learners searching for volunteer opportunities local to you, or as well as virtual volunteer opportunities.

Topics for consultation can include identifying what type of volunteer work you'd like to complete, identifying an ideal community partner or volunteer role in your local area, best practices in volunteering, and connecting volunteer skills to career goals. If there's a topic related to service, civic engagement, and volunteering you'd like to discuss, please reach out to our staff!

精东传媒 has multiple service organizations that allow you to service your community while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends!

  • Alpha Phi Omega
  • Colleges Against Cancer
  • Gamma Sigma Sigma

Volunteer Opportunities
  • To be treated as a co-worker
  • To be carefully interviewed and carefully assigned
  • To know as much as possible about the agency organization, policies, programs, and activities
  • To receive sound guidance and direction
  • To pursue leadership roles
  • To voice opinions and to have ideas including in the planning of programs, activities, and curriculum
  • To do meaningful and satisfying work
  • To be evaluated and to receive letters of recommendations based on the service completed

The Responsibilities of the Volunteer

  • To understand commitment of time and tasks and to fulfill them
  • To participate in evaluation and reflection when asked to do so
  • To share thoughts and feelings with staff, including making learning objectives clear to the people with whom they will be working
  • To respect confidentiality
  • To serve as ambassadors of goodwill for the project
  • To enter into service with enthusiasm and commitment
  • To communicate dissatisfaction with placement and provide feedback