Frequently Asked Questions

Find the Answers to Commonly Asked LLC/TC Questions

Gaming Living-Learning Community

LLCs provide students the opportunity to live with and engage other students who have similar academic, professional, and/or co-curricular interests. LLCs require enrollment in specific courses.

TCs are designed to provide students with an opportunity to engage with other students in a residential community surrounding a particular theme or topic area of interest. These communities are provided with educational and social events to further explore that topic of interest.

Benefits of participating in an LLC or TC are:

  • Connecting with peers that share similar academic interests and career pursuits
  • Access to in-hall academic peer mentors, tutoring, study groups or tables, etc.
  • More interaction with college faculty and networking opportunities
  • Experiencing a smoother transition to college
  • Participating in events/activities outside of the classroom
  • Resident Assistants (RAs) & Peer Mentors (PMs) with academic interest or personal passions that are similar to students in the LLC

Not all students participate in an LLC or TC. It is an option that is available to students living on 精东传媒's campus to apply for to have a unique residential living experience.

Each LLC and TC has their own requirements. If enrolled in an LLC that has a course related to the community, you will be expected to attend class and complete all related assignments. You will be invited to attend and participate in meetings and activities scheduled for your community. Your experience in an LLC or TC will largely be shaped by your participation.

You will be assigned a roommate who also applied to live in the community by our Housing & Residence Life staff.

If you have a roommate that you would like to live with that person would also need to be accepted into the community for you to live together.

Please be aware that if there are not enough students who apply to live in the community then you may be assigned a roommate who did not apply to living in the LLC or Theme Community.

Please visit Housing & Residence Life聽for additional information regarding on-campus housing.

We encourage you to apply to the communities of your choice as soon as possible as that will give you the best chance to get accepted. We work with our campus and academic partners to decide who meets the requirements to be accepted to the community. There are no guarantees that you will be admitted to an LLC or TC.

There is no additional cost for living in one of these communities. You will need to pay the housing rate related to the hall and room in which you are assigned to live in as a part of the community.

An LLC or TC is connected with a student's housing assignment and allows for students with a common interest or area of study a chance to live together. While LLCs or TCs are not considered clubs or organizations, some have connections to student clubs and organizations on campus, which allows for unique ways to get more involved on campus.

Most LLCs or TCs have a Peer Mentor who is an added academic resource for residents living in an LLC or TC. This is a paid position one must apply for. Students can also apply to be the Resident Assistant of an LLC or TC.

While both LLCs and ILCs offer students the opportunity to take courses together, joining an LLC means you must reside on campus. When you join an LLC, you are assigned to a residential living space with students that you will be taking courses with. If you choose to join an ILC you do not have to live on campus. If you do live on campus, you do not need to live in the same housing with peers you will be taking courses with. For more information about ILCs please visit this website.